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Winster Gallop: We make no apologies for including this tune, We know it's very well known, We know it's the first tune that most people learn, but we like it so there! The tune is a real goer and is simple enough to let people improvise around it. A good session tune after 15 pints. This was one of the first tunes we played at the Nonsuch Dulcimer Club (see Links Page) and was a favourite of Trevor who used to start us off at a snails pace and using gradual accelerato ended up playing it at 200 mph. I just hope the angels like Winster Gallop and The Dorset 4 Arm Smash (Hand Reel). Perhaps we'll put that one on next month. I've written the tune out in very basic form, so you can add your own twiddly bits. Anyway I hope you have fun with the tune whatever you play it on.

Winster Gallop

And here is the tune Winster Gallop in midi format

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