The Eurasian badger Meles meles is one of Britains larger mammals. Badgers and thier setts are protected byTheProtection of Badger . Act 1992.

This makes it an offence to intentionally or recklessly damage , destroy or obstruct a sett . A sett is defined as any structure or place which is currently in occupation . At present the word "current" is taken to mean use within the last 12 months.


In Britain , badgers are normally social animals and live commually in underground chambers called setts . Setts vary in size and function . The number of badgers using a set may vary from 2 to 28 but the average is around 6 adults per social group . Each social group has usually one main sett where the group's dominant female breeds , but within the groups territory a number of smaller setts are also likely to be used . These smaller setts can provide breeding sites for less dominant females and act as temporary or seasonal accommodation close to feeding grounds .

Our Badgers

Badger activity was recorded throughout Westwood , eleven setts were recorded in Westwood and we're still discovering more every day . Sadly over the last few months three badgers have been killed by traffic on Stone street , this indicates that badgers are currently attempting to cross this road and being killed at existing traffic levels . The increased traffic levels that the Oasis developement would seriously increase this number road kills. The development will reduce the extent of available foraging areas for badgers ,this is likely to cause territorial disputes between different social groups . The boundary fence they plan to erect around Westwood will prevent badgers entering and leaving the site to forage along established paths . This developement will not only disrupt the badgers of Westwood , it will also seriously effect up to 65 other setts in the imediate area which use Westwood for foraging .