The proposed development would rip the heart out of West Wood. Kent Trust for Nature estimate that over 50% of the habitat would be permanently lost to concreting, construction and intensive use. The 'Oasis Village' will actually be the size of a small town.

At present, West Wood is free and open to the public. The development would require the entire 436 acres to be enclosed behind a 2 metre security fence, with the loss of miles of bridle paths and public rights of way. A large artificial lake is planned, with miles of waterways, and a nine-hole golf course. 350 waterside villas, 400 forest lodges and 90 studio apartments will be required for the 4,000 tourists, plus accomodation for 700 staff. The development is designed to be self-contained, with shops, entertainments and enclosed dome environments. There is also provision for 3,400 parking spaces, spilling over into nearby Park Wood.


Below is a detailed map of the proposed development. Don't be fooled by the pretty green colour.