From the beginning, the development has been fiercely opposed by the majority of local people, who were responsible for inviting the protestors in the first place, and who continue to support us. The Countryside Commission and other nature groups have also fought hard against Rank's plans over several years, taking the legal battle as far as they could.

Since March 1997, the woods have been occupied by between 30 -100 protestors, with about ten camps. The tunnels and treehouse defences we have built, and a strong presence on site, have so far scared off the bulldozers and chainsaws.

ACAB "Free, single and open to offers"

Every year,West Wood is enjoyed by thousands of people escaping from nearby cities and suburbs. The woods provide a valuable refuge for town-sick human beings, as well as for wildlife. The destruction of the forest would increase pressure on nearby areas, downgrading surrounding habitats as a knock-on effect.